Holiday Apartment Eulenschlupf Spreewald

Our "Eulenschlupf" wants to introduce the landscape of the Oberspreewald. You will not just live here, you will live next to us on this property, its nature, gardens, old trees and waters. You dive into the world of traditional houses of the Spreewald, take a look at the old fruit orchards surrounding the log houses and small rivers with their rich diversity of plant and animal life.

Our property is situated along the Jeschuko stream bordered with strong alder trees. Some rare species protected throughout Europe can be found right on the property. If you are lucky, you can even spot the otter or kingfisher by the Jeschuko. Rare bat species leave their tree hollows at dusk and hunt for insects. The clear call of fire-bellied toads can be heard during spring from the standing water bodies by the property.

This is also the time when the rare Green club-tailed dragonfly begins its flights over the streams. Hidden in deep hollows, special rarities live in age-old fruit trees and oaks by your holiday apartment: the Hermit beetle and the Great capricorn beetle, impressive species under strict legal protection.

The holiday apartment "Eulenschlupf" did not forget about its old residents. The owl box is integrated in the house in a way so that the barn owls can still raise their fledglings. In recent years, up to seven owls have lived on the property during the nights. Bats and rare tree insects use the naturally rough surfaces and niches of the building. They are very welcome here. Next to the colourful farmhouse garden on the west side of the "Eulenschlupf", White storks are resting on our stork's nest.

The guests of the holiday apartment "Eulenschlupf" may definitely make use of property and garden as well, are invited to enter the latter, because the Spreewald has more to offer than just pickles and mosquitoes!

The "Eulenschlupf" provides calmness in the midst of powerful nature, a place to unwind and connect people. Guestrooms are not equipped with TVs, but historic tube radios unfold their full sounds when the "magic eye" opens after a few seconds. Hold your breath and enjoy!

Guests that cannot do without a flat screen will discover one at an unexpected place during rainy days in the "Eulenschlupf".

A modern and spacious kitchen is also available to all guests for cooking and chatting. The living room-kitchen is a perfect place to socialize. You can enjoy your meals on the threshing floor with a room height of almost eight metres, where ox carts full of hay used to arrive from the meadows. As an alternative, there is also a big clay oven with seating places available.

Find the best place for yourself!

Biologically high quality construction material was used in all areas of the building or historic material carefully refurbished and resume at their former function.

The house is due to its natural construction type allergy friendly.

Energy efficiency of the entire equipment was also key – from lighting to washing machine. The power supply of the entire property is 100% green. Resource cycles are completely closed. Sewage is taken care of by an organic water-treatment plant before it is fed into a natural environment again. The lumber as well as the fire wood in the winter time is to a large extent taken from our own forest area, which is ecologically cultivated in accordance with FSC standards. Tropical wood as well as chemical wood treatment were not used.