Holiday Apartment Eulenschlupf Spreewald

Eulenschlupf's favourite doors into the world


Creaking door hinges used to be the former sound of entering a new world, now all we hear is keyboard sounds and no oil works as a remedy for that. But an open mind needs open doors and global links. Cevennes tours
Hiking trips throughout Europe, very down-to-earth and guided by Florian. Farmhouse Jakubik
Hay hotel with a lively farm ground: earthy, authentic and welcoming. Lausitz – a wolf habitat
News about our wolf projects in Brandenburg, because the wolves' territory by Lieberose is by linear distance only 5km from the Eulenschlupf.
News about the protection of nature in the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald – your travel destination. Sinner Datenservice
Provide professional data services as well as outstanding website creation.
Informative tourist platform about the Spreewald: recommendations, routes, events.
The outside view: Everything what the Spreewald tourist is looking for: accommodation, events, locations and active tourism offers. Spreewald guide by Trescher Verlag
Universal and up-to-date guide on the Spreewald area of pocket size. Wiedehopf Holiday Apartment
Comfortable holiday apartment in an old forester's lodge by a large garden offers space to unwind.