Holiday Apartment Eulenschlupf Spreewald

Dear guests, please bear the following in mind:


Smoking is prohibited in the holiday apartment. The "Eulenschlupf" is a non-smoking environment. Ashtrays and a little place for "emergencies" are outside.

Inside the "Eulenschlupf" please lit candles only on the threshing floor on candlesticks and under your supervision, because the house is completely made out of wood.

Guests are more than welcome to join us at the fire place in good weather. Please bear in mind to wear appropriate clothing!


The stream Jeschuko embodies little quiet streams, close to your holiday apartment "Eulenschlupf". But they are too deep for children unable to swim. Please watch your children when near the water. The lakes close to the Spreewald are ideal swimming spots. Daring swimmers can do their strokes right out front in the streams.

Sewage from your holiday apartment is treated in our ecological reed bed filtration system and transported back to the ground water.


Please air the rooms of the "Eulenschlupf" daily. Wood needs to breathe!

Open the windows especially after taking a shower.

And in case you want to throw your cell phone away due to a low signal strength, remember: you are on vacation, be proactive and find new perspectives through calmness and deceleration! You can deal with your laptop and cell phone back home again. We do not offer an Internet connection in the holiday apartment on purpose. If need be, we will help you.


We gladly heat up the fireplace in the threshing area and bring necessary fire wood to the house. We take a lot of the wood of the building itself and for heating from our own ecologically certified forest (FSC).

Develop respect for this wonderful material. Do not waste it. Enjoy the old trees on the property, their stories and the cast shades on hot summer days. The property "Schilfnest" comprises living trees and historic wooden buildings, your holiday apartment "Eulenschlupf" included.

The holiday apartment

Please change your shoes when setting foot in the "Eulenschlupf". Felt slippers can be found inside near the entrance. Or just take along your non-slip, comfortable home slippers.

All of the furniture has its own places. Dressers, tables and bed are to stay at their original places. We especially advise families with children to be careful on the steep staircase to the upper level since there are no railings or other safety features. Please do not let your children climb the wooden, diagonally crossed balustrade. When travelling with small children, we recommend to move to the spacious, former servants' quarters on the first floor.

The modern kitchen needs to be taken care of. We will be happy to answer your questions about the kitchen equipment. Please clean the entire kitchen thoroughly and take out the separated trash.

Kayaks, bikes, boat trips ...

...can be rented at different places in Burg, also on neighbouring properties. We can help you with that and can provide water maps and practical tips on trips.